Harness AI to maximize your translation budget

Unlock the Power of AI Translation

The ULG AI Translation Pilot is your key to discovering the ideal machine translation (MT) solution for your content. Our MT experts will help you identify the best options to validate assets, judge output, and scale translation with AI. Our proven framework empowers you to test, evaluate, and implement AI assisted translation technologies quickly and effectively.


Determine Viability

The risk-free ULG AI Translation Pilot helps you assess your localization program to determine what content is a good fit for MT and provides you with clear recommendations on how you can use it to drive speed and reduce costs. 

Customized MT Engines

Using your own previously translated content and glossaries, our team will train our baseline engines to generate customized, curated output that speaks directly to your audience in the unique voice, tone, and style of your brand. 

Data-Driven Insights

Our data scientists score the quality of the output using a  industry-standard evaluation methodology. We provide you with recommendations to help you determine how to best use AI translation to save time and costs going forward.

Guiding Your AI Journey

Piloting AI Translation with ULG

We ask a series of questions to define the scope of your project, including identifying the target languages, analyzing your volumes, and understanding your quality requirements. Our goal is to ensure we determine the ideal conditions for your AI Translation Pilot.

AI Pilot Phases-1
AI Pilot Phases-2
AI Pilot Phases-3
AI Pilot Phases-4
AI Pilot Phases-5
AI Pilot Phases-6

Matrix of AI Translation Success

Our score sheet provides you with tactical information prior to implementing AI translation:

Content Type

We determine what type of content to test and where AI translation is best placed within your workflow.

Content Specifics

Whether it's straightforward content like product descriptions, user manuals or more highly-branded content – we tailor our approach to your needs.

Quality Approach

When dealing with high-volumes of content speed may take priority over top quality. We calibrate the quality standards to your requirements.

Automation Level

From raw MT to MT + post-editing to a traditional translate/edit process, we identify the appropriate level of automation.

Are you ready for AI Translation?

AI Translation Maturity Assessment

If you have a large amount of content that you need translated quickly, AI translation might already be on your radar. Take our short assessment to learn where you are in the process of deploying AI translation and what you can do to move forward to successfully reach more global markets.


Join Our Risk-Free Pilot to Optimize Your Translation Processes with MT

Don't miss out on the transformative potential to speed up your translation, optimize costs, and handle large volumes of content. ULG can help you navigate your options and unlock the power of AI translation for your brand's global success. Contact us to revolutionize your content translation strategy today!


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