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Part I of our Healthcare Webinar Series


4 Best Practices for Successfully Attracting and Retaining LEP Members during OE and AEP and Beyond

Health insurance companies are increasingly looking to become more equitable. But how do you plan, implement and measure health equity? Learn from United Language Group experts in Part I of our webinar series.

    • Aligning stakeholders, goals, objectives, and target markets
    • Understand the arts and sciences of population health and language data
    • Auditing the LEP member journey
    • How to support LEP member enrollment

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About the Speakers:


Kristen Giovanis


Kristen Giovanis is the CEO of United Language Group, one of the largest language service providers in the world.

Before ULG, Kristen served as the co-founder and CEO of KJ International Resources, a Minneapolis-based LSP that was a part of the merger that created United Language Group.

Kristen founded KJI during her final year of law school at Mitchell Hamline School of Law and has spent the last 25 years as a leader within the language services space.


Jaclyn Kelly

SVP of Global Sales

Jackie Kelly is the Senior Vice President of Global Sales at United Language Group, serving as a sales leader for both the Healthcare and Legal business units. Jackie joined United Language Group in 2017 after working at Transperfect.

Having held leadership roles for over ten years, Jackie is an expert in all elements of language systems integrations, data management and security and localization process development. In her current role, Jackie assists ULG’s enterprise Healthcare and Legal clients in developing language strategies to streamline processes and optimize efficiencies for successful implementation.


Abigail Katz

Director of Health Outcomes Solutions

Abigail Katz brings over 15 years of Healthcare experience to ULG where she serves as Director of Health Outcomes Solutions.

Over the course of her career she has supported both public and private organizations in developing evidence-based approaches to addressing complex health problems.

In her current role, Abigail provides strategic direction to ULG’s Health Outcomes Solutions division, utilizing her expertise in product development, analytics and quality improvement.