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If you want to expand your business internationally, our machine language translation services will help. ULG's effective, secure and customized combination of human and machine translation offers superior shared language mastery. OctaveMT puts your data security first, using 256-bit encryption on all data transfers. As soon as your translated content is delivered back to you, we delete it from our system.

Machine translation can help improve turnaround time and reduce costs while maintaining impressive quality. Our complementary human and machine translation services 

  • Deliver improved ROI
  • Allow more effective communication
  • Provide value specific to your company and industry goals 

We offer solutions that give you complete confidence in the accuracy of our machine translations. Our dedicated engagement team works alongside OctaveMT to provide the right combination of human and automated translation and guarantees a high degree of accuracy. You can rest assured we have a solution for any message you need to share.