Learning & Localization Webinar Series: Part 1

eLearning Localization in 2021

United Language Group will be hosting a webinar series to look at what is currently happening in the Learning & Localization industry. We will be answering questions such as:

1. How is eLearning different in 2021?
2. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of eLearning; how is this affecting eLearning localization?
3. Will companies continue to put extra effort towards learning?
4. How can we make eLearning localization scalable and cost-effective?
Join us Thursday, May 20 at noon (CST), as we discuss the latest changes and trends in eLearning development and eLearning localization. 

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About the Speakers:


Kristin Gutierrez

Director of Account Management

Kristin Gutierrez is the Director of Account Management at United Language Group. In this role, her team helps customers increase international revenue and improve their customer experience through localized programs. Kristin has worked in the globalization industry for 16 years including at NetApp where she supported C-level communications for the globalization and content strategy teams. Kristin is actively involved in Women in Localization serving in various leadership capacities over the past four years. Currently, she is the Content Creator for Women in Localization’s YouTube #AskTheExpert Series. Kristin resides in Southern California with her husband and two small kiddos.


Carlota Ribas

Director of Operations

Carlota Ribas has worked in the translation and localization industry for over 20 years. She holds various degrees in translation and linguistics and has held multiple operations and leadership roles within the industry. She has been part of the United Language Group Leading the operations for the Legal, Training, and Compliance teams for over 10 years.