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On-Demand Healthcare webinar

Pandemic Proof: How To Implement Translation, Interpretation, and Localization That Scales.

The year 2020 taught us that we need to do better for the limited English proficiency (LEP) speaker population. In this panel discussion, learn how to access the gaps in payer and provider settings when it comes to advancing translation and localization. 


  • Review the greatest advancements made this year with language services
  • Noting the most critical changes that we must make to face the future effectively in healthcare
  • Provide recommendations on how to advance translation and localization





About the Speakers:


Danielle Meder

Director of quality - interpretation

Danielle Meder is a nationally certified ASL interpreter with over 15 years in VRS and video remote interpreting as an interpreter and operations leader. She completed the Certificate in Healthcare Interpreting program at RIT-NTID in 2017 and has presented on the ethical application of VRI in medical settings as well as published an article on the subject for Street Leverage in 2017.

Danielle is currently the Senior Director of Vendor Management and Interpreter Quality at United Language Group; a language access solutions agency that provides interpreting in over 200 languages via phone, video, and face to face. Danielle is a licensed trainer of The Community Interpreter International (TCII), an interpreter fundamentals training program from Cross Cultural Communications (CCC) and is currently co-authoring a textbook on remote interpreting for CCC as well as the next edition of the The Community Interpreter International textbook.

Danielle is passionate about advocating for quality and effective language access, supporting the advancement of interpreter training for spoken language interpreters, and supporting the communicative autonomy of all!


Evelyn Toro

Vice President of translations

Evelyn Toro, Vice President of Translations at United Language Group, oversees daily operations in the written translation division.

With more than 20 years in the localization/translation industry, Evelyn cares about all people through the process of translating with a focus on the quality of the outcome and customer experience. Evelyn's expertise is in working in project management, account management, and operational leadership roles.

Before her current post at ULG, she served as VIA Inc.'s Vice President of Operations, responsible for global operations across all strategic verticals. Evelyn enjoys spending time with her family and connecting with the outdoors, where she lives near Portland, Oregon.